Dwarf Planet Series

Including Ceres(AR0130/IMX224), Sedna(IMX178), Xena(IMX249)
USB3.0 High speed | For guiding and imaging

Neptune-C II Camera

Sony newest IMX464 color sensor, High NIR sensitivity, Future star!
Free to get one 1.25" UV/IR cut filter.
1/1.8" | 12bit ADC | 4.2MP | 93FPS | DDR3 256MB

Mars-C Camera

Sony newest IMX462 color sensor, High NIR sensitivity.
Free to get one 1.25" UV/IR cut filter.
1/2.8" | 12bit ADC | 2.1MP | 136FPS | DDR3 256MB

Neptune-M Camera

Sony IMX178 mono sensor, 6.4MP high resolution, high sensitivity
1/1.8" | 14bit ADC | 6.4MP | 60FPS | DDR3 256MB

Mars-M Camera

Sony IMX290 mono sensor, High sensitivity, Best for planetary imaging.
1/2.8" | 12bit ADC | 2.1MP | 136FPS | DDR3 256MB

Neptune-C Camera

Sony IMX178 color sensor, 6.4MP high resolution, high sensitivity, built-in UV/IR cut protective window, vivid color performance.
1/1.8" | 14bit ADC | 6.4MP | 60FPS | DDR3 256MB

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