Solar Camera Series

Monochrome sensors, Global shutter, high sensitivity, DDR3 256MB
Design for white light and narrowband solar imaging.

Dwarf Planet Series

Including Ceres(AR0130/IMX224), Sedna(IMX178), Xena(IMX249)
USB3.0 High speed | Design for guiding and imaging

Neptune Series

1/1.8" Format, high sensitivity, high resolution, DDR3 256MB
Design for Lunar and planetary imaging.

Mars Series

1/2.8" Format, high sensitivity, DDR3 256MB
Design for planetary imaging

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Modern low-noise astronomy cameras.


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Focus on Astrophotography

Learn more about planetary, lunar, solar, deep-sky, and wide-field astrography.

Here you can learn more about planetary imaging, lunar & solar imaging and DSO imaging skills, as well as how to choose the best astronomical equipment, how to complete the debugging of the equipment, etc.


Astronomical post-processing is divided into many fields such as planets and deep-sky objects. There are various post-processing useful tutorials to facilitate and quickly improve post-processing skills.

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We are keen on organizing and participate in various astronomical observation activities.

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Whenever important astronomical events occur, a live broadcast preview will be issued in advance, inviting you to watch the wonderful live broadcast of astronomical observations!

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