Saturn-M SQR (IMX533) and Saturn-C SQR (IMX533)

Based on Sony STARVIS BSI technology
DDR3 256MB buffer

Uranus-C (IMX585) and Mars-C II (IMX662)

Based on Sony STARVIS 2 BSI technology
DDR3 256MB buffer

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Solar Camera Series

Monochrome sensors, Global shutter, high sensitivity, DDR3 256MB
Design for white light and narrowband solar imaging.

Dwarf Planet Series

Including Ceres(AR0130/IMX224), Sedna(IMX178), Xena(IMX249)
USB3.0 High speed | Design for guiding and imaging

Neptune Series

1/1.8" Format, high sensitivity, high resolution, DDR3 256MB
Design for Lunar and planetary imaging.

Mars Series

1/2.8" Format, high sensitivity, DDR3 256MB
Design for planetary imaging

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The Pelican nebula (final version)
Luke Newbould. Skywatcher EQ8, Celestron RASA 8, IDAS NBZ UHS, Player One Uranus-C camera
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LinQisheng and LaoWan. TAKAHASHI TM200+Uranus-C camera
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Stephane Gonza. 300mm Newtonian, Uranus-C camera.
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Solar Activity
Simon. Esprit 150APO, Daystar Quark Chromosphere, Apollo-M MAX camera
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Full disk of our Sun
Benjamin's Astrophotography Hub, Lunt60 + 2x + Apollo-M MAX camera
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