New Flagship: ZEUS cooled camera series released TODAY!

Hi Everyone,

At the end of this year, we complete our cooled camera line. This is our newest and biggest format camera in 2023.ZEUS 455 series , a new flatship camera line in Player One history!!

With industrial grade IMX455 sensors and our camera technology ,we believe the ZEUS series will be very competitive on market!

ZEUS 455M PRO is available now, and will start shipping from today!

ZEUS 455C PRO will on back order for now, we estimate it will available before 25th this month.

Promotional price of ZEUS 455M PRO: 3499USD

Promotional price of ZEUS 455C PRO: 3399USD

We provide 4 kits for ZEUS455M and 1 kit for ZEUS455C on our website!

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