Best jupiter in 2020, C11HD + Mars-M camera

Well, I know 2020 passed already, I still got some images want to share.

In last summer, I got several night for planetary imaging.   

This one is my best jupiter in 2020, seeing was reached 8/10.

I captued with my C11 edge HD and Mars-M camera.

I really excited in that night, I feel focusing is quite easy when seeing is good 

And you know good original data also reduce the difficulty in post-processing.

Captured data details:

L : 10000 frames, 25% stacked.

RGB : 3000 each, 25% stacked.

Softwares I used:

AS!3, AstraImage5, Winjupos, Photoshop

That’s very happy night I have.

At last, in tradition, show the equipment pic :

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