Two moons around Jupiter with RED spot, C11HD+Mars-M camera


2020 passed to fast, I got a lot of images waiting for processing 

In September, I shot Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, I need more time to do post-processing.  Let’s begin with Jupiter. 

Luckly, two moons close to Jupiter , and seeing was good.

I use my C11HD and Mars-M camera. This camera use IMX290 mono sensor, so I need LRGB filters and wheel for shooting.

In first image, Callisto on the left, and Ganymede on the right.

One hour later, Ganymede went to the back of Jupiter, gone! But great red spot is beautiful.

L: 10000frames, RGB 4000frames each

Softwares I used, AS!3, AstraImage5, Winjupos, PS.

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