Damian Peach: Imaging with C14HD and Saturn-M SQR camera

June 27th, first light!

Jupiter with Ganymede (June 27th)


Some spells of decent seeing at 24º high. Ganymede alongside with its elongated shadow just heading off the planet. A nice array of dark NNTBs jetstream spots is visible toward the upper part of the planet.

C14 Edge HD with Player One Saturn M-SQR camera.

June 28th, second shot!

Jupiter on June 28th


Another early morning outing. Some moments of decent seeing at times. Europa is in transit across the STB showing a phase since we are close to quadrature. The dark oval spot on the STB was very easy to see through the eyepiece. Reminded me of a similar dark spot like this back in 1998 which was similarly distinct. C14 Edge HD with Saturn M-SQR camera.

Jupiter on July 8th


Some moments of reasonable seeing as dawn approached. It now looks like a long period of good weather so hopefully some really good seeing will come along at some point! C14 Edge HD with Saturn M-SQR camera.

Jupiter on July 9th


Poor seeing this morning due to northerly wind flow. The GRS and Oval BA and well seen.

Jupiter on July 10th


Average seeing this morning and the most awful dew! None the less a reasonble result was possible toward dawn. The dark STB spot is visible (which was quite easily to see visually at 300x.) C14 EdgeHD with Saturn M-SQR.

Jupiter on July 11th


Poor conditions this morning with a sky full of alto-cumulus cloud patches and seeing varying between abysmal and good. I managed to scrape a few captures for a colour image.

Saturn from July 11th


Here is a Saturn image from July 11th. Slightly better conditions than later on with Jupiter (and less clouds.) All looks quiet there at the moment…

Jupiter on July 15th


Here is an image from this morning. Seeing was mostly poor, though briefly improved close to sunrise.

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