Shipping date of Saturn series delay to 15th.

Dear customers,

Saturn Series cameras, which were scheduled to ship today, will be delayed until The 15th. We are making one final upgrade and test of the camera firmware to achieve the best performance. Sorry to keep you waiting, we want the camera to be perfect when it reaches the user.

—Player One team, June 10th.

2 thoughts on “Shipping date of Saturn series delay to 15th.”

  1. Peter Woods

    Thanks for the update

    The out of box experience so far with Uranus-C has been amazing and test results in sharpcap show good quality control and drivers native/ascom seem perfect, feels nice to have a product this well tested and finished before shipping

    so take time needed with Saturn series this level of quality can take time and should not be rushed 😀

    1. Player One Astronomy

      Thank you so mcuh, Peter. Happy to know you like Uranus-C cam. We will keep hard working on make high quality and stable cameras and accessories.

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