UVenus 1.25″ UV-PASS Filter E-series

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Player One E-series is an upgrade series of S-series, using high quality optical glass substrate and multi-layer composite coating technology, producting with higher standard than S-series, optimized for CMOS/CCD camera, can provide very professional effect in astrophotography.

UVenus 1.25″ UV-PASS filter(Design for Venus imaging)

UVenus filter is an ultraviolet filter, only allow 320nm-380nm ultraviolet light pass, it can be used to shoot the clouds of Venus.

Specifications: 1.25 inch, thread M28.5*0.6

Frame thickness: body 5mm+ thread 2.5mm, a total of 7.5mm

Filter glass thickness: 1.85mm

Bandwidth: 60nm

CWL (center wavelength):350nm

PV: 1/4 lambda

Transmittance: ≈80%

Blocking depth: OD5 (200nm-700nm), OD4(700nm-1100nm), OD3(1000nm-1500nm)

Why to use a UVenus filter?

As we know, Venus has very thick atmosphere, and the clouds has very high reflection of ultraviolet. Using a UVenus filter will enhance the details of Venus. Our UVenus filter has 80% peak transmittance and OD5.0 off-band blocking, it will improve the imaging effect a lot!

UVenus filter using color optical glass and over 100+ multi-coating process, to make sure this filter has very good quality.

Multi-coating and color optical glass, make this filter has very beautiful color on both sides.



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