Player One Astrophotography competition Round 1: The Moon

Player One Astronomy is going to hold a series of astronomy photography competitions from April, each of which will have a theme.

The theme of this issue : The Moon

Prize: Neptune-C II camera

Target: The moon, including moon phase, lunar mosaic, surface details, etc. (Images taken by other brands are also welcome to join the competition.)

Shooting timeframe: Jan,1st 2020 to Apr,22th 2021.


1.Subscribe facebook page and join Player One group:

2.Post in Group with #PlayerOneCup Tag, upload your image,description and technical information of the image.

Timeframe of submission: Apr,1st 0:00 AM – Apr,22th 11:59PM

The judges scoring: Apr,23-Apr,29th

Announce the winner: Apr,30th.

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