Lunar Mosaic work 2021-02-16 with C11HD and Mars-M camera

One week ago, I got a very clear night. No winds and quite warm.
So I used my C11HD and Mars-M camera did the first Lunar 17 elements mosaic work at the begining of this year.
Moon phase 20%, low brightness,  altitude only 40 degrees,So seeing is not very good.
I used a IR685 filter to get better seeing but it still need about 10ms EXP and over 180 gain.
Each element stacked 500 from 2000 frames. Under 100FPS record speed, it only token few seconds.
In this image, I see much potential in this new camera. Check it out!

I cut that mosaic image into 7 pieces, from north to south of the Moon.

S1: North

S2: Endymion and Atlas crater, Mare Humboldtianum.

S3: Geminus and Cleomedes crater.

S4: Mare Crisium

S5: Mare Fecunditatis and Langrenus crater

S6: Petavius crater

S7: South, Janssen crater.

My equipments

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