Bosque Rico’s review – Player Oneの天体向けCMOSカメラの紹介と、電視観望や惑星撮影へのご招待 Eng. Neptune-C II CMOS Camera for EAA and Planets

今話題の天体向けCMOSカメラ、Player OneのNEPTUNE CⅡを紹介します。 このメーカーのカメラにはMARSとNEPTUNEがありますが、共通して楽しめるのが電視観望と月・惑星撮影です。今回は後半に時間を割いて、それらの撮影に必要となるその他の製品(QBPフィルター、AZ-GTi経緯台等)もご紹介します。

Introducing NEPTUNE CII of Player One, a CMOS camera for astronomical objects, which is a hot topic in Japan now. There are two types of cameras from this maker, MARS and NEPTUNE, but the ones that we can enjoy in common are EAA and planetary imaging. This time, I will spend some time in the second half to introduce other products (QBP filter, AZ-GTi GOTO mount, etc.) that are necessary for those shootings.


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