Camera native driver on Windows11 on arm (Windows11 in Parallels on Apple silicon Mac)

Because of the different Windows architecture, the existing camera native driver can’t be used, so we developed the camera driver on Windows 11 On ARM , however, due to the driver signature problem, it can’t be run on Windows 11 On ARM directly at the moment, for now, we provide a Temporary Solution. Once the driver signature request is approved, we will release the official version on the Software page. 

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

1. Disable driver signature enforcement

Please search “How to disable driver signature enforcement on Windows 11” on Google, you will find many blogs about this, the link below is a recommended one:

How to disable driver signature enforcement on Windows 11

Note: This is a one time operation, meaning, if you restart your computer, ‘ disable driver signature enforcement’ will NOT work and you will need to repeat this again.

2. Below this post, you can download our Windows 11 On ARM camera native driver, double click to run and install it, in the process of installation, if the “Windows Security” window pops up, as shown below, please click ” Install this driver software anyway”, when the installation is finished, you can use Player One cameras on Windows 11 On ARM .

Download: Player_One_Camera_Driver_V1.3.12.12_ARM64