Photosphere 10nm 1.25″ Filter S-series


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Player One S series filter using high quality optical glass substrate and multi-layer composite coating technology, which has excellent optical performance in astrophotography.

1.25inch Photosphere 10nm filter(Photosphere enhanced filter)

Photosphere filter is an assistant filter, telescope must use baader film or Herschel wedge for adequate reduction of sun light, then you can use this filter for imaging.

Photosphere filter is a narrowband filter, CWL is 540nm, bandwidth 10nm.


Why to use a photosphere filter?

As we know, we doing solar photosphere imaging, usually use Herschel wedge to get best contrast, maybe add an IR685 filter to improve seeing condition. But, it’s not the best way to shoot photosphere.

Photosphere has best detail and contrast at almost 540nm, with this photosphere 10nm filter, you will be able to get some impressive solar granulation and sunspot details like this:

Where should I setup my photosphere filter?

Usually, we recommand to setup your photosphere filter on T-mount, this also can help you against dust drop on camera glass.



Specifications: 1.25 inch, thread M28.5*0.6

Frame thickness: body 5mm+ thread 2mm, a total of 7mm

Thickness of filter lens: 2mm

Bandwidth: 10nm

CWL (center wavelength): 540nm

PV: 1/4 lambda

Transmittance: ≈97%

Blocking depth: OD3






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